Mining is a complex industry, and the sustainability challenges that need to be managed are highly dependent upon the political, social, and environmental context of each project. A further layer of complexity to consider is related to the separate stages of the Mining Life Cycle.

Euromax Resources is committed to incorporating sustainable development in every aspect of our business, from the moment we identify a possible exploration site all the way to the mine’s eventual closure.  Operating in a socially and environmentally responsible way, and earning and deserving the trust of our stakeholders, are fundamental to our strategy of embedding sustainable practice into every aspect of our activities.  Our approach to responsible mining is implemented through technically robust operations, environmentally sound practices, and socially proactive initiatives.

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Health and Safety Policy

Environmental Policy

Community Policy



  • Conducted baseline studies in order to identify possible social and environmental impacts
  • Established advantageous community relations with local peoples and governments
  • Ensured all employees and contractors are considerate of potential social and environmental impacts
  • Established grievance mechanisms for all relevant stakeholder groups to be affected for the life of the mine
  • Identified projects that will maximise the production life of mining facilities.


  • Conducted comprehensive and independent social and environmental baseline studies as part of our Environmental and Social Impact Assessment processes
  • Ensured environmental and social issues are integrated with project design, and mitigation measures are designed accordingly
  • Produced ESIA documentation that addresses both local requirements and those of Equator Principles III (EPIII)
  • Implemented systematic public consultation programmes to outline potential impacts to local communities and to understand their concerns, respecting local requirements and sensitivities
  • Disseminated and managed grievance mechanisms and ensured they are fully understood
  • Held discussions with host governments on issues such as infrastructure, development, and security
  • Will ensure the effective implementation of cross-border assessments and co-operation when necessary
  • Will plan for mine closure, and review this plan regularly
  • Will develop a waste management plan which minimizes, mitigates, and manages impacts on the environment and surrounding communities.

Prior to or during CONSTRUCTION we will:

  • Ensure sufficient financial resources are set aside to meet closure obligations
  • Work with local communities to provide training for relevant skillsets
  • Launch a recruitment process prioritising directly affected communities and ensure that our contractors adhere to this
  • Encourage the development of locally based business to provide goods and services to the mine
  • Develop a procurement strategy prioritising local suppliers and ensure that our contractors adhere to this
  • Implement an Environmental and Social Management Plan, designed to address identified impacts on social and environmental media for the life of the mine – for example, air quality, water management and biodiversity
  • Increase communications with local communities through our Information Centres
  • Provide funding for carefully selected community development projects and monitor their outcomes
  • Optimise planning and development of all aspects of our projects for the benefit of our wider stakeholder base
  • Offer retraining programmes for transition from construction to operational phase where appropriate.

During OPERATION we will: 

  • Implement a wider community development plan agreed upon with local communities
  • Ensure respect for workplace rights, employee development and a healthy and safe workplace
  • Give priority to training and employment from nearby communities, followed by host country nationals
  • Continue the environmental and social monitoring of our activities
  • Progressively rehabilitate disturbed areas as they are no longer required for operations
  • Continue exploration to extend the life of the mine where feasible
  • Review closure planning during the life of the operation.

During and at CLOSURE we will:

  • Implement land remediation and reclamation, utilizing appropriate plant species as determined in baseline studies, Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) and reclamation trials during operation
  • Ensure closure of mine facilities will provide long term chemical and physical stability
  • Ensure economic and social infrastructure is in place to maintain the long term sustainability of the communities
  • Put into practice viable economic strategies (such as extra training for local people previously employed at the mine) in order to enable alternative employment and ensure financial support to start alternate livelihoods
  • Where possible, transfer infrastructure to local ownership.