We share the natural environment with local communities and ecosystems, and accept the environmental and social responsibility this incurs.

Meeting the challenge of environmental management equates to operational efficiency and using best industry practices through each stage of the Mining Life Cycle.

Our aim is to implement the highest standards of environmental performance and management and to minimise our environmental footprint through the efficient use of natural resources, reduction, reuse and recycling of waste, and by contributing to the conservation of biodiversity.

Key aspects of our environmental programme:

  • Compliance with host country laws and EU regulations where applicable
  • Application of international guidance and management practices, such as IFC Performance Standards and the Equator Principles
  • Collaboration with concerned stakeholders concerning the implementation of standards and control systems during all stages of the Mining Life Cycle
  • Scientifically rigorous baseline environmental and social studies, impact and risk assessments and associated mitigation strategies
  • Appointment of appropriately qualified employees, and engaging with national and internationally recognized environmental, social and risk consultants to ensure compliance with best practice
  • Collaborative design of mitigation measures with project engineers, and the integration of environmental and social mitigation measures into project design
  • Implementation and regular monitoring and adjustment of environmental management procedures and systems (the Plan Do Check Act cycle)
  • The development of emergency preparedness and response plans at the mine site and in proximate communities