In pursuing its corporate objective to become a world-class mining company in South Eastern Europe, Euromax is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance. The Company aims to create a culture that values and rewards exemplary ethical and environmental standards; personal and corporate integrity and respect for third parties. The Euromax approach to governance is founded on the belief that there is a link between high quality governance and the creation of real value.

Corporate Policies

Euromax Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Euromax Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy

Euromax Disclosure Confidentiality & Insider Trading Policy

Articles of Euromax

Advance Notice Policy

Majority Voting Policy (Mandate of the Board, page 4)

Euromax Resources’ policies on Environment, Health & Safety and the Community are given below:

Health & Safety Policy

Environmental Policy

Community Policy


The board currently meets at least four times a year and is supplied with appropriate and timely information. Click to view the Mandate of the Board. The board consists of three executive directors and four non-executive directors, who bring a breadth of experience and knowledge. For further details about the directors, please click here. The board has established Audit and Compensation Committees with formally delegated responsibilities.


The Audit Committee comprises the two non-executive directors and one executive director, and is chaired by Stanislav Delchev. The CFO also attends committee meetings. Click to view the Audit Committee Charter. Under the Charter, the Audit Committee may examine any matters relating to the financial affairs of the Company, including reviewing the interim and annual financial statements and internal control procedures, accounting policies, the appointment and fees of external auditors and such other related functions as the board may require.


The Compensation Committee comprises the two non-executive directors and one executive director, and is chaired by Martyn Konig. The Compensation Committee is responsible for determining the terms and conditions of employment and annual remuneration of the executive and non-executive directors. Click to view the Compensation Committee Charter. The Committee ensures that individuals are fairly rewarded for their personal contribution to the Company’s overall performance and that due regard is given to the Company’s shareholders and financial health of the Company.


The Technical Committee comprises three independent members and is chaired by Gleg Morris. The COO also attends committee meetings. The Technical Committee establishes a project governance and reporting framework for the Ilovica-Shtuka Project. It will also regularly assess and review the progress of the Project and make recommendations on Project matters for the Board’s or management’s consideration. Click to view the Technical Committee Charter.