Euromax aims to maximise local development by empowering communities, and to act with the highest ethical standards when managing the wellbeing and prosperity of host communities.

The overall objective of our socio-economic development programme will be to improve the opportunities, benefits, and quality of life for our local employees, their families and immediate communities.  In order to achieve these objectives, Euromax will engage in a range of sustainable development and community relations activities.

Key aspects of our socio-economic development programme will include:

  • Supporting local communities and continually seeking to contribute to sustainable development
  • Procurement of goods and services locally where possible
  • Developing employment strategies that will improve and enhance socio-economic opportunities
  • Assessing and manage the socio-economic impacts of our activities and operations
  • In consultation and conjunction with the relevant providers, supporting the improvement of infrastructure and basic services in our communities, such as roads, housing, water, electricity, and other services
  • Improving education infrastructure and services
  • Consideration of the needs of vulnerable groups, such as the elderly, in our communities
  • Using local skills to support our community development programmes

Stakeholder Engagement

From exploration through to mine closure, we will liaise with a broad range of stakeholders in our operations, ranging from local communities and host governments to non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and shareholders.  Our interactions with these groups will provide important feedback and guidance to help improve our social performance and strengthen our overall commitment to responsible mining.

At Euromax, we are committed to delivering developments for the communities and relevant stakeholders that surround our operations to create real opportunities for social and economic growth. Our engagement programmes help us facilitate a structured dialogue with all relevant stakeholders, and functions as a framework for improving our socio-economic performance in host countries.

In Ilovica and Shtuka villages, we have an excellent relationship with the local authorities and community representatives, and we are actively encouraging engagement with all our stakeholders through continuous dialogue with local communities as development at our projects progresses. We have representatives both in the local communities and in capital cities and have built local Information Centres, such as those recently opened in Ilovica, to facilitate the flow of information to and from local people.


Education is considered one of the largest and most important of Euromax’s social investment sectors.  A significant portion of our social spending will go towards projects and programmes that support the development of maths, engineering, and natural sciences (biology, geology, geography) at local schools.

Furthermore, at our project, a series of workshops at elementary schools will be carried out with the aim of increasing awareness and skills among local pupils about geology, mining, and environmental protection.   These programmes are an essential aspect of Euromax’s effort to educate and inform young minds about the important role that they will be able to play in the conservation of the local area, and the future operation of our mining projects.

At Ilovica and Shtuka we are working at a municipal level to develop a range of technical classes in local secondary schools to encourage development of the technical skills that will be required throughout the different stages of our project.  Euromax also plans to extend offers of employment to skilled graduates for future construction and mining developments at our operations.  Additionally, these skills will have a transferrable advantage to other essential industries in each region, including construction and farming.

Community Development

We approach community development as an inclusive and comprehensive concept.  It encompasses our workforce, the communities in which they live, the citizens of host countries, and the implications of our operations for future generations.  The support of the communities surrounding our projects are crucial to Euromax’s success, while simultaneously we are often vital to their growing prosperity.

In Macedonia, Euromax has supported the construction of a fountain in the Municipality of Novo Selo, as well as the erection of a memorial park dedicated to Baba Vanga, a famous local prophet who lived in the 20th century.  Municipality officials expect that the memorial park will attract a greater number of visitors to the area, and will subsequently boost local tourism; tourism remains an essential aspect of local economic development and increased cultural exchange in the region.

We are committed to creating mutually beneficial opportunities for local businesses so that they have the opportunity to be involved in the development of the project from its initial stages.

Information Centre

At Euromax, we see community development through actively engaging with host communities fundamental to the success of our business.  We are committed to making a positive difference in the communities in which we operate and to invest our resources, both in financial and non-financial means such as our advice and expertise in order to positively contribute to the economic and social development of host communities.  We will listen to the needs of affected stakeholders and communities, and be responsive in order to promptly and effectively mitigate against any possible negative impacts and build a reputation based on mutual trust, transparency and ethical business practices.

Part of our approach is to engage with local communities, NGOs, governments, municipal representatives and other local stakeholder groups, facilitated by the opening of Information Centres which are run by local Euromax representatives.  Located in the heart of Ilovica village, this hub was opened specifically for members of the local community to learn about our projects, ask questions about the nature of our operations and to air any concerns.

We see such centres as key to promoting on-going communications with all our local stakeholders – we are able to work collaboratively with local village communities and ensure that we are able to positively contribute toward the socio-economic development of the area.