Community Development Projects

We aim to maximise local development by empowering communities, and to act with the highest ethical standards when managing the wellbeing and prosperity of host communities.

The overall objective of our socio-economic development programme is to improve the opportunities, benefits, and quality of life for our local employees, their families and immediate communities.

Euromax is already contributing to the socio-economic development of the communities through direct investments in the communities, which will be further intensified in the future with the development of the project.

Some of our projects are listed below.


Ilovica & Shtuka water wells

Euromax funded the construction of two new water wells situated in Ilovica and Shtuka villages.  The wells are used for providing drinking water to the surrounding community. The project brings long-term, sustainable benefits to the local community as it provides drinking water for a big part of the population from Ilovica and Shtuka. The construction of these wells also improved the social life of the local inhabitants as it is a nice place where they usually have a chat. To complete the construction of the wells, Euromax Resources appointed a local building contractor to carry out the work

Baba Vanga Fountain in Novo Selo


The Baba Vanga fountain was one of our key projects in 2013 as the fountain is a long-term, sustainable benefit to the region that preserves cultural heritage for many generations.  We were also able to support local business by appointing a local construction company to complete the work. Euromax appointed a local construction company to complete the building work in 2013. We see importance in supporting the cultural heritage of the local region for the benefit of the wider community over the long term.  Today, the well is a meeting point, memorial and a focal point for pilgrimage and we hope that this fountain will continue to attract visitors in the future.

School presentations and sports sponsorship


Supporting the local school and educational initiatives is of high priority for the company – we see huge value in building upon social capital by encouraging knowledge and understanding of key topics from a young age and look forward to collaborating with the school in the future to build awareness for the importance of topics such as environmental protection.


We also seek to promote an active and healthy lifestyle and support the school in their initiatives to do the same, promoting a healthy balance between sporting and classroom activities. We hope that the older students will inspire the younger students to be more involved in team sports as they grow up.

New village square in Ilovica


The development of the new sports hall at the St Cyril and Methodius school in Ilovica was a collaboration between the Ministry of Education, the Agriculture and Rural development agency and the Municipality of Bosilovo who were responsible for new grass, pavements and parking spaces.  Euromax supported the municipality in making the project a reality by working with a local construction company to construct paved access paths and landscaping of the grassed areas of the area in front of the school and the sports hall.

Support for the ‘Rusalii-Folklore’ cultural event

We are pleased to support the cultural heritage of the region and understand the importance of the annual ‘Rusalii-folklore’ festival during which music is played and the traditional ‘Rusalii’ dance takes centre stage.

New water pipeline in Novo Selo

Euromax started a project to support the municipality of Novo Selo in building of a new water pipeline that connects the existing water supply network with the new reservoir in the village of Mokrino.

Sponsorship of traditional clothes and shoes for CAA “Kavaldjii-Shtuka”

We value the efforts of the local association in preserving the tradition and the cultural heritage of the region and we are pleased to support them to continue with their activities and motivate them in order to achieve even more successful and extraordinary performances in future.

Ongoing longer-term projects:

  • Water reticulation network reconstruction – The planning and development of a supply of water for the mine provided us with information about the potential to improve the reliability and quality of drinking water to the local communities of Ilovica and Shtuka. Euromax started a project to provide support to the Bosilovo municipality in designing and reconstruction of the reticulation system with aim to complete the reconstruction of the entire network in the villages of Ilovica and Shtuka. The project is to replace the water supply distribution network in Ilovica and Shtuka and abandon the existing water supply intakes in cooperation with Bosilovo municipality. Residents of both villages will be permanently connected to the treated water supply system for household (drinking) water. The existing irrigation supply pipe network owned and operated by Strumichko Pole Water Management Company will also be extended to supply those in Ilovica and Shtuka who have need for irrigation water from the Ilovica Reservoir. In future, sewage collection and treatment will also need to be considered to avoid harmful effects on the environment, including groundwater, streams and river.
  • Sapling Nursery – Native species will be required for progressive rehabilitation of land in the future. This was discussed with the Belasica Forestry Management Company which has a nursery for growing native species. The collaboration with them has been already established through the Euromax’s financial support for purchasing supplies for refurbishment of their nursery.

Supporting  the Macedonia 2025 organisation


Euromax is pleased to join and support Macedonia 2025 in achieving their goals of contributing to the economic, social and educational development of Macedonia providing more opportunities for young professionals and potential businessmen to develop their skills and their talent, as this is the starting point to boost the Macedonian economy. Macedonia 2025 is an international, independent and nonpartisan organisation that proactively contributes to the economic and democratic development of Macedonia by implementing education programs that accelerate leadership development and organising various events, economic summits and business forums.