Video 16: Euromax at the Precious Metals Summit 2016 in Zurich 2016 (November 2016)


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Video 9: Euromax at the Business Forum in Paris (Kanal 5, June 2015)


Video 8: Euromax's CEO Steve Sharpe talks about recent developments at the company's flagship Ilovica project in Macedonia, including timelines to production and how management is mitigating risk by pre-engaging banks, governments, engineers and contractors

(Edison TV, June 2015)


Video 7: Euromax in Ilovica - 300 million euros annual export (Kanal 5, Feb 2015)


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Video 5: Webcast - Precious Metals Summit, Zurich (Nov 2014)


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Video 2: Mining in Macedonia (June 2013)


Video 1: interview at New York Metals & Minerals Conference (, May 2014)