Euromax Exploration Services Ltd. (EES) is an exploration services company with extensive experience in target definition, resource estimation, interpretation, mapping, database and project management within the South East Europe and Tethian belt region. EES is skilled at extracting value out of early stage exploration targets and can manage an exploration programme from the earliest stage grassroots right the way through to resource classification and reporting.

Euromax Exploration Services ‘EES’

EES is a Bulgarian exploration services company and wholly owned subsidiary of Euromax Resources Ltd. established in 2014 to capitalise on the extensive skills and expertise of the Company’s Bulgarian team through providing geological and other mining related services to third parties operating in the Balkan region.  The group is overseen by Dimitar Dimitrov, Managing Director of EES and consists of a team of geologists with a proven track record in the discovery, delineation, drilling and resources estimation of exploration targets in the region.

EES operates to the highest levels of health and safety in the work place and will adhere to local and international industry best practice.

For further information please contact Ina Mihaylova on or +359 2978 4880.