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About Steve Sharpe

Steve joined the Company in May 2012 as CEO and has over 25 years experience in the development and financing of mining assets.

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Frequently asked Questions
With the completion of the Feasibility Study, we are well positioned to continue the development through to construction of Ilovica-Shtuka. The Front-End Engineering and Design work has already been initiated and both capital and operating costs optimised in the new study provide an excellent basis for the project implementation.
Our development plan targets 2018 for construction, and following initial ramp-up, we will be producing around 83,000 ounces gold and 16,000 tonnes copper per year over a 20 year mine life.
We have made significant progress towards on the Project Financing with the execution of the Mandate Letters and Term Sheets with Société Générale S.A., UniCredit Bank AG, Unicredit Bank Austria AG and Caterpillar Financial to provide and arrange a Project Finance and Equipment financing facility. The signing of these Mandate Letters combined with the Streeming Agreement provide for USD 400 million of the funding towards the construction of Ilovica-Shtuka.